666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce

    While watching the opening credits for ABC’s 666 Park Avenue, I saw the caption “Based on the novel by Gabriella Pierce”…my heart skipped a beat. I loved this show…there was a book? Holy heck! Immediately, I forgot the show, and downloaded the book (sadly, ABC did as well!). Hmmmm, what a difference…I mean, daylight and dark difference. But the book still caught my interest, and held it. 

    Malcolm Doran, probably my absolute LEAST favorite man in ANY book. He is handsome, charismatic, rich, but a back stabbing worthless moron! He swept Jane off her feet, flipped her world upside down only to serve her up on a platter to his psycho witch mother. Jane, was a witch, but had no CLUE at all. Her grandmother had kept her powers a secret from her, to protect her from Malcolm’s mother. This new life opened up an entirely new world to Jane, that was all exciting, but scary. I won’t give away any spoilers (do you know how hard that is to do!?!) but this book was very very well written, with great characters, twists and turns!


    REAL by Katy Evans (spoiler and review!!!)

    Real is an amazing read….Love and lust at first site. It tells the story of Brooke, the strong, sweet ex-athlete who meets Remington by chance at an Underground boxing match. Remington immediately notices Brooke in a crowd of hundreds, and the spark is lit. Keeping her at a distant, he offers her a job on his staff with Sports Rehab. Shocked, thinking there was more chemistry between the two, Brooke takes the job. Through each touch, their chemistry grows stronger, and Brooke wants more, but Remington keeps her at arms length. She doesn’t understand why, but it frustrates her. Eventually, she learns that Remington is bipolar, but that doesn’t hinder the way she feels about him. They begin a wild, HOT, lustful relationship…one that will make you ache for more and more. Remington has never had LOVE, never had the companionship,so he makes Brooke promise that once they start this relationship, she will forever be his, and can never leave him. She loves him, loves his touch,and staying forever seems simple enough. She just wants to see his eyes blue, see him happy and healthy and for him to feel the love that he deserves. 

    But, as in any amazing book, there just has to be that curve ball. Brooke learns that her sister Nora has been under the influence of a vicious fighter, of the same Underground club as Remy…When she tries to bargain for the release of her sister, Scorpion tries to humiliate her and Remington. she obliges to his requests, but it eventually get back to Remy. Remington takes matters into his own hands. At the last Underground fight of the season, Remington and Scorpion stand toe to toe for the blood bath, the blood bath match that Scorpion is named Victor…Remy doesn’t even fight…he stands there for 6 rounds and takes a beating that throws him into concussion. When Remington finally wakes up in the hospital, Brooke makes the decision to leave, and go back to Seattle. She can’t physically or mentally stand by and watch him destroy himself as he did in the last fight. Although it breaks her heart to leave, she does it anyways. 

    Eventually, Brooke learns why Remington didn’t fight back…it was all for Brooke. He bargained with Scorpion for her sister, who was also under the influence of Coke. Remy bartered the Underground title for Nora. He sent Nora into rehab, then once she was stable, he returned her to Brooke…Once Brooke learned what Remy had done, she knew in her heart she had to be with the man she loved, the man who sacrificed so much for her, and her family. 

    There are a couple more books in this series due out this year, and I am beyond stoked to get my hands on them. REAL was just that…REAL…the characters are amazing, lovable, sexy, romantic. It gives you a look into the life of someone suffering with BD, and can open your eyes to those suffering. This book left me reeling for more Remy and Brooke…their love is something every woman desires…passion, want, desire, lust, but with true love.



    WELCOME YA’LL!!!!!

    So I am totally new at this, and if it wasn’t for my awesome new friend Emily Hightower, I wouldn’t even be blogging at all! So, lets kick this off right!!! I LOVE BOOKS!!! I love to read, I love the thrill of the characters, their stories, their trials, love stories, heart breaks, their passion! It is all so exciting! There is nothing better than cuddling up on my porch swing with a mason jar full of sweet tea and a good book.

    My love for reading sparked when I started the Twilight Saga a couple years back…I can remember reading New Moon, and crying all night because my heart ached for Bella. Then, here came Mr. Christian *frickin’* Grey, and my book boyfriend world was flipped all upside down…Oh holy WOW!!! E.L. James sure opened up a whole new world of literature to me!!! Thanks darlin’ from the millions and millions of ladies across the world who all swoon over dear fictional Christian..I sure all of our husbands thank you even more!! Since Fifty, I have been hooked, and its book boyfriend after book boyfriend…(shhhh, don’t tell the hubs, he may get jealous).

    So, that’s what brought me here, to all of you psycho crazy fictional character lovin’ ladies, who cherish books as much as I…this blog stuff is all new to me, so bare with me…my good friend Emily will show the ropes, and hopefully within a couple days or so, this blog will going full force!

    Right now, I am reading WANTED by Kelly Elliott. It is an amazing read, and I am hoping to finish it up by tomorrow. I have a couple of reviews to share from a couple past reads.

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