HIM by Carey Heywood

    WOW….simply WOW….I received this book as an ARC. I curled up in bed last night, at 1am, turned on my kindle…by 3:30 am, I was at 50%…I simply could not put it down. 

    Sarah Miller is returning to her hometown after being MIA from her families lives the last 7 years…they see visit her often in Colorado, but she hasn’t been home since her heart was ripped from her chest by the love of her life. She ran away, hoping to never look back again. But she had to look back…her big brother was getting married. On the airplane, she notices a familiar face…oh…its HIM….the one she ran from for 7 years, the one she tried oh so hard to forget, the one she saw in every other man’s face, these last 7 years. They spend time on the plane catching up, but little does she know that he has a wonderful relationship with her family, and has since the day she left. He is the Groomsmen. So, this next week, she gets to spend with HIM… She doesn’t understand that fact. The emotions she had fought to keep at bay all this time, suddenly come rushing back to her, and she struggles with this one week of seeing him, being close to him, and playing all of the memories of their relationship over and over in her mind. 
    I love how this book is written. It takes you back and forth between present day, and Sarah and Will’s high school relationship. Through this, you see the friendship turn to head over heels in love, (which for Sarah had always been, she was just good at hiding it)to strong lust, then the heart ache and devastation Sarah experiences…why she ran. Sarah and Will’s relationship is so real. When reading back and forth, you can feel the happiness and love, then the heartache. The situations are realistic, which makes the read even more interesting. It all makes sense, and comes together nicely. There is a perfect balance of sexual situations in the book…it isn’t complete smut, but sex is there. Which was nice for a romance. (Can’t believe I think that…I like em hawt!!)
    I love Sarah, she is the sweetest heroine, the girl next door, who doesn’t see her own beauty and self worth. She is so humble, and down to earth….so deserving of someone as kind and loving as Will. But, she is also gullible, which causes her to tear her world upside down for 7 years. But, it all comes full circle, when she finally gets her Prince back into her life, and he vows to never leave her side again. 
    Will (who’s story we will read in HER) is the sweet, sexy, strong willed Mr. Popularity, that everyone loves. But he loves Sarah, and only Sarah. Losing her, has obviously ripped his world apart as well, but Sarah doesn’t understand that just yet…she jumped to conclusions, flew off the handle and ran. Throughout the entire story, he treats Sarah as if she is his one and only, his true love. 
    My favorite supporting character of course is Sawyer…that girl is so free spirited, and loving life. Every girl should have a “Sawyer” in their life. Sawyer is who brings Sarah face to face with her demons (so to speak) and although it has taken 7 years…her friendship and loyalty to Sarah stands firm and true.
    This book is a new favorite of mine. I can not wait to read HER, so I can see how Sarah and Will’s story concludes. I am sure, it will be a 5 star as well. Thanks Carey for such an amazing read!

    I’m BACK!!!!!

    Wooohooo, SO glad to finally have my wifi back on! We recently moved, and I have been without wifi for nearly 2 weeks. I had to up my data package just to stay alive in the social world of Facebook! So, anywho…I’m back, and I am currently reading a couple books. Will post reviews by the weekend, of course.

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    My Now & Forever Blog Tour

    Ya’ll don’t wanna miss this awesome 99cent one click! H.J. Bellus is an absolutely amazing author who puts her heart, soul and funky playful quirkiness into her writing. When reading her book you truly feel the love she has for her craft. And crafty this woman is….we have posted her pinterest board so ya’ll can tag along and see what next great project H.J. may start playin’ around with!!
    My Review of My Now and Forever
    I just finished this book as an ARC for HJ….honey lemme tell ya, this woman has a passion for writing. I swear I think these characters have to be a part of her real life, or maybe her imagination is just that vivid. Upon reading the prologue, I was immediately drawn in. I just wanted to scoop lil’ Milly up and comfort her, and punch her flippin’ *parents* in the friggin’ throat! As I turned the pages (well, swiped) I found Milly being my newest fictional bestie. Just the kinda gal I’d hang with. Despite the cards life dealt Milly, she took life by the horns like a bull and rode the heck outta it! She had the bad girl attitude and simply did not care. She was going to make some lemonade outta them lemons life was throwing at her if it was the last thing she did. After loosing her best friend/MIL Francis, her marriage to her college sweetheart fell apart at the tiny threads it was hanging onto…her husband left her with nothing, but Francis had her back even in death. (Here is where Karma stepped in) Milly had just inherited 5.6 million dollars and decided since Francis was gone, she had nothing tying her to CA, so she hit the road and ended up in a little Podunk town in Colorado to start her life over. She opened up a store THE SHOP where she put her creativity into her work, offering hair accessories, tutus, girly things, etc and had a cute little coffee counter as well. She loved Colorado. She was living her dreams, checking items off the good ol’ bucket list when dreamy farm boy walks in her store and takes her breath away. It takes a little time for Cree and Milly to spark that flame, but when they did WOW it spread like wild fire….Cree was her one true love. Cree and Milly had an amazing love and passion for one another. Annie (Cree’s 5 year old daughter) was the daughter she never knew she wanted, but she takes Milly’s heart almost instantly. She gains amazing friends along this journey, friends who become part of her quirky *family*, the family she never had, but so rightfully deserved. I won’t spoil the story for ya’ll, but this story was so real.The characters were real, passionate, hilarious and fun. It had me laughing, crying and screaming (chapter 28 nearly knocked me off the porch swing), gasping for air as I nearly had a panic attack! But in the end, you are left with that happily ever after feeling. A REAL happily ever after, not the too good to be true kind. Despite all of the heartache Milly had come to know in her years, she had found her knight in shining armor and learned to love and be loved wholeheartedly. She let go of all of the heartache she had endured in life, and found her inner peace. Milly was an awesome heroine, strong willed, ready to take on anything. Heck she conquered so much in her years. Karma had to throw some beauty her way.HJ, I loved this story. I have to say you are honestly one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of your work!!
    Now, you know after reading that review, you wanna one click that hooch….well lok how easy I made it for ya’ll…the link is just right below!!
    Oh…and I almost forgot (silly me!!)  Click her to enter H.J.’s frickin awesome rafflecopter giveaway! She has all sorts of fun prizes to throw at us!!

    Saved by Kelly Elliott

    Arianna and Jefferson’s love is true but will it be enough? Ari who comes from a loving home with a family who has had more than their share of difficulties, is faced with possibly losing the love of her life. All she dreams of is growing old and having children with Jeff, but a family history and a conniving Rebecca could shatter that dream. Trying to support Jeff and cope with all the truths and possibilities of her own destiny may prove to be more than one person can handle.Jeff’s dream is to raise horses on his ranch in Mason with the only women who has ever filled his heart and soul. But he’s running the risk of losing her by trying to be the man he knows he should be by taking on his responsibilities. He’s completely bewitched by the passionate and always outspoken Ari, but needs to do right for the child that could possibly be his.Despite all the odds stacked against them can their relationship be…..SAVED?
    Saved is book 2 in the Wanted Series by Kelly Elliott. This continues Ari and Jeff’s love story and sheds insight into Heather and Josh’s jacked up ‘relationship’. The story line itself is good but the author had a major issue with repetitiveness, terribly foul language and honestly how did the characters all not have whip lash ftom “throwing his/her head back laughing”. The story lacked originality in so many ways.
    Faithful is due out for release this summer and while I’m anxious to see how Josh and Heather’s story ends, I’m sure the repetitiveness and language will follow through. Could of had a 5 star series Kelly if you’d been less foul mouthed and more creative.