Yes, Master ………..Mr. Masters by TL Swan is LIVE!!

    3.5 Stars – TL Swan tackles the widowed rich parent and nanny story very well. This book has all the aspects that pull you in, the hot, rich, widower with the sullen, confused teenage daughter and the sweet young boy. The gorgeous young bombshell that is just as loving as she is feisty, in a foreign land trying to find herself. This story is very heavy on exploring the hot dominant side of Mr. Masters but not without the sweet aspect thrown in there for good measure. If you are in the mood to read about a hot, dominant male and a sweetheart that gives just as good as she gets then this is definitely a book you should check out.

    Title: Mr. Masters
    Author: T L Swan
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Release Date: May 27, 2018


    He was powerful, older and my boss, a lethal combination.
    Job satisfaction has taken on a whole new meaning.

    When I lied on my resume, I didn’t expect it to matter.

    I mean any child would love me; I was born to be a nanny.
    I applied for a position working for a woman, or so I thought.
    But Julian Masters is definitely all man…the kind you dream of licking
    chocolate from.

    The first day was bad. The kids were the sporn of the devil
    and I spied through a window and caught him doing something obscene….and
    equally fascinating.

    The second day was worse, he caught me snooping in his bathroom
    cabinet in my skimpy pyjamas and all hell broke loose.
    On the third day, I ran over him in a golf cart.
    And by day four I had decided that I wanted that
    chocolate…all of it.
    Melted….on me.
    But intelligent, widowed Judges don’t fall for ditzy
    Or do they?


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    Author Bio
    Lover of her
    husband, children, words, chocolate and margaritas.
    When she is not
    writing her next novel, you will find her in a café drinking coffee with
    Writing is her
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    Fall in Love with the Single Dad…….Alive Again by Emma Tharp is LIVE!!

    3.5 Stars – It is incredibly easy to fall in love with Carsen Sanders. She is the total package and determined to make something of herself. Patrick McLoughlin is a single dad to a newborn, has an estranged wife and is barely getting by. The chemistry Emma Tharp creates between these two characters instantly is great, the most subtle version of “insta-love” at it’s finest. Tharp delivers a delightful story, a complex plot and puts you directly into her character’s lives. If you are looking for a sweet read with the perfect amount of hot on the side to make you believe in second changes, Alive Again is definitely worth checking out.

    Title: Alive Again
    Series: McLoughlin Brothers #3
    Author: Emma Tharp
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Release Date: May 23, 2018

    He thought
    his life was over.
    After ten
    years of being happily married to his high school sweetheart, Patrick
    McLoughlin thought he had it all. A beautiful wife, a career he loved, and a
    gorgeous new baby girl. All of his dreams were finally coming true.
    Until the
    day Maggie, his wife, walked out and never so much as left a note. Six months
    of radio silence.
    needs a nanny, someone to care for his daughter while he builds his empire. In
    walks Carsen Sanders – tall, sweet with a model’s body, and eleven years
    younger than him. She steps in and takes care of his daughter just like a
    second mom.
    He can’t
    help but have feelings for Carsen even though he knows it’s wrong in every way.
    What happens when Patrick and Carsen can no longer deny their mutual
    attraction? Or will Maggie return to take back what’s hers?
    This book
    is intended for a mature audience. 18+
    This book
    is Book Three in the McLoughlin Brothers Series but can be read as a

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    Author Bio
    Emma Tharp
    is the author of The Bluff Harbor Series, The McLoughlin Brothers Series,
    Drawn to Dark, and Keeping It Casual
    . She was raised in upstate New York.
    Being an only child, she spent a great deal of time alone, dreaming up
    characters who would keep her company on long family road trips. Putting her
    writing on the back burner, she went to college and became a chiropractor.
    After spending twelve years healing patients, Emma decided—with the help of her
    amazingly supportive husband—to use the creative side of her brain and let her
    characters come to the page.

    If she’s
    not writing, Emma can be found at the gym, one of her kids sporting events,
    Starbucks, or a live music event.

    A perfect
    day for Emma would be spent at her lake house with her husband, two
    ginger-haired children, and Vizsla, reading a book and drinking a large cup of
    coffee (or wine) with music playing in the background.

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    Hollywood or Home…or Both? Between the Lines by Renee is LIVE!

    3.5 STARS –

    Perfect “My Best Friend’s Brother” romance with underlying story elements that swoop you in and keep you there. Quinn, has made something of herself, despite what her parents think, she’s a famous actress, winning awards – but something is missing. Going back to her roots is just what she needs. Trevor is my best friend’s twin brother, my crush since I was 13 and the reformed bad-boy turned cop. Harless supplies us with the perfect amount of past and present, reality and illusion as we watch Quinn and Trevor continue to try to fight the feelings that they have convinced themselves they buried long ago. Love, angst and a touch of Hollywood, Renee Harless pens a heartfelt story definitely worth the read.

    Title: Between the Lines
    A Best Friend’s Brother Romance
    Author: Renee Harless
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Release Date: May 23, 2018


    An unspoken rule.
    A friendship that will be tested.

    He was my crush at thirteen and
    ten years later that feeling never ceased. 
    I thought that time and distance would change us 
    but I never expected the feelings to grow. 
    Now things are complicated. 
    His sister is my best friend. 
    She’s also his twin. 
    And I’m stuck in the middle.

    She was always my fantasy come to life and 
    I knew even at sixteen that girls like her were rare. 
    Soft, feminine, sweet to her core – 
    she was my complete opposite. 
    I knew how to keep her away when we were young, 
    but I’m finding it hard to keep her out of reach 
    when everyone is pushing us together. 
    My sister can never know the things 
    I plan to do to her best friend.

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    Author Bio

    Renee Harless, her husband, and
    children live in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  She studied Communication, specifically
    Public Relations, at Radford University.
    Growing up, Renee
    always found a way to pursue her creativity. It began by watching endless runs
    of White Christmas- yes even in the summer – and learning every word and dance
    from the movie. She could still sing Sister Sister if requested. In high school
    she joined the show choir and a community theatre group, The Troubadours. After
    marrying the man of her dreams and moving from her hometown she sought out a
    different artistic outlet – writing.
    To say that Renee
    is a romance addict would be an understatement. When she isn’t chasing her
    toddler around the house, working her day job, or writing, she delves head
    first into a romance novel.

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    HAPPY COVER REVEAL – Blind Love by Kelly Elliott




    Harley and I had our whole lives planned out, until her plans changed, and those plans didn’t include me.

    After years spent trying to get the love of my life out of my head and repair my too-damaged heart, I thought I was finally moving on…but life sure has a funny way of letting you know when those best-laid plans are about to be turned upside down.

    My entire world was rocked when Harley unexpectedly moved back to Oak Springs. Every miserable moment I’d spent trying to get over her and every hour I’d wasted trying to erase her from my life came back to haunt me the minute she walked into my office, fear in her eyes, and asked me for help.  Would I…or better yet, could I walk away from her this time after all that she had put me through?

    What I really needed to know is would I be able to forge ahead with the future I had so meticulously planned—one that didn’t include Harley—or will her return finally open my eyes to a future full of endless possibilities?


    Blind Love is book five in the Cowboys and Angels series.





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    Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Since finishing her bestselling Wanted series, Kelly continues to spread her wings while remaining true to her roots and giving readers stories rich with hot protective men, strong women and beautiful surroundings.

    Her bestselling works include, Wanted, Broken, Without You, and Unconditional Love, to name just a few.

    Kelly has been passionate about writing since she was fifteen. After years of filling journals with stories, she finally followed her dream and published her first novel, Wanted, in November of 2012.

    Kelly lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pups. When she’s not writing, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She is down to earth and very in touch with her readers, both on social media and at signings.

    To find out more about Kelly and her books, you can find her through her website.