Author Services

I’m an author.

I’m an editor.

I’m an assistant.

I’m obsessed with words- their meaning, their purpose, and context in each sentence.

I’m in love with how words are intricately woven into stories that evoke a multitude of emotions. The fictional journeys we escape on, the characters we fall head over heels with, and those we love to hate.

I respect the blood, sweat, tears- the dedication- that it takes for an author to pour their heart and imagination into the stories they write.

I have a passion for writing.

I have a passion for editing-unmasking the pages -your stories- one word at a time.

Masque of the Red Pen Publishing is dedicated to assisting authors in their publishing endeavors.

Editing, formatting, design, promotional and personal assistance.

I offer the full publishing packages at affordable rates. All themes of creativity and genres are welcome.

Let’s unmask your pages together.