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    Not Over You by RS Lively

    Fiona was my first love and my best friend.
    Ten years ago, I left without a word.
    I never told her why. And I never got over her.
    Now that we’re thrown together under the same roof,
    Will I finally have a chance to make things right?


    Damn it.  
    I never would have opened the door if I knew he was waiting on the other side.
    Cade Sawyer.
    Sexy as ever. All muscles and raw power.
    Our history runs deep.
    Childhood friends. My first kiss… and heartbreak.
    It crushed me when he disappeared ten years ago.
    Now he’s back… and my new roommate. Great.
    Turns out, Cade has a lot of secrets.
    First, he’s a billionaire.
    Oh, and basically a recluse.
    Then, he saves me from a mad man.
    He’s not the teenage boy I knew… He’s a f*cking alpha protector.
    It feels so good when he keeps me safe in his big, tattooed arms…
    A second chance may seem impossible for the two of us…

    Can we keep playing house?
    Or will our past keep me running? 

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    One More Chance by Amy Brent


    You never forget your first love…

    I certainly haven’t forgotten Tyler Browning.

    Partly because he was the complete package of perfection – from his sparkling green eyes to those deliciously muscled arms.

    And partly because he left me a child – Brody. The center of my world.

    I see his daddy everyday in that bright smile.

    I sometimes wonder if I should have told Tyler the truth.

    Then I remember our last fight when we both said too much.

    I did the right thing for my kid.

    You never forget your first love…

    Especially when he walks right back into town.

    And looks at you with those ‘I wanna undress you’ eyes.

    Next, he invites you over for dinner.

    It’s just dinner, right?

    How the hell could that get so complicated!

    Can I resist the lure of a second chance?

    What happens if he finds out my secret? 


    ‘We just come in larger packages for those who can enjoy the ride’

    That’s what she told me nine years back and that’s how she is now.

    And hell yeah,  I wanna enjoy the ride.

    I want to be a part of her world once again,

    The center of attraction, her pillar of support.

    I’d have done anything to get back into her arms.

    But first I have to figure out why she doesn’t want to be back in mine.

    “To answers, mysteries, and new beginnings. It’s good to be home after nine long years! ” 

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    Come For Me by Mia Ford

    She left me. Married another man and ripped my heart out.
    Now she’s back and begging for my help.
    No way am I getting involved. Except I already am.

    Her name still makes my head buzz.
    We were in love, or so I thought.
    But she broke my heart.

    I made the army my home and tried to forget her fresh floral scent.
    Her heart-pounding beauty.
    The fool who stole her from me.

    I thought I’d succeeded.
    Until I got the call.

    “Jayden, I need your help.”

    What could I say?
    It’s been years since Savannah begged me for anything.

    Her child is missing.
    The cops think he’s dead.
    Her husband thinks she’s depressed. Crazy.
    Maybe she is.

    I won’t stop until I find out the truth.
    The man who stole her son will pay.
    And just maybe Savannah and I can fix what we used to have.