A Light in the Dark by Christina Kirby

    Release date: May 16, 2018
    Genre: New Adult/College Romance
    Author: Christina Kirby
    Publisher:Soul Mate Publisher

    After surviving a life-threatening illness, Bailey Honeycutt is struggling to find his footing in his life and in his career. With a bold decision to step out of the spotlight, he crosses an ocean to return to school in search of something to fill the void. It turns out it might not be a what so much as a who that can pull him out of the darkness.

    Brie Freeman is on the five-year plan and, after one man almost ruined her future, she’s finally back on track. As soon as her degree is in her hands she’ll be free to move to the United States and pursue her dream job as a curator, but she never planned on an encounter with Bailey Honeycutt.

    They’ll each have to let go of their pasts to fully embrace a chance at the future, but what happens when the past won’t let go?


    They walked arm in arm down the path to the water’s edge and as they did, the music sounding from the guitar grew louder. Between the small cluster of people who’d stopped to listen, Brie could make out the man playing. He was propped on a tree stump with his legs spread and a coffee cup resting between his feet.
    “Let’s move in a little closer.” Jessica tugged her arm and half dragged Brie until they were directly in front of him.
    “This is hardly a little,” Brie murmured out of the corner of her mouth.
    Jessica offered a quiet, “Shh.”
    Brie bit her tongue and tried not to feel foolish as she concentrated on the music. After all, the man wasn’t paying any attention to the growing crowd. His head was bent and nodding to the rhythm of the song. She stood mesmerized as he glided from one familiar song into another and then into something she didn’t recognize.
    His fingers moved with agility across the strings and though his jeans were torn and his shirt wrinkled, he didn’t look like the usual street performer. Between the way his hair was cut short and the intricate tattoos covering one of his arms, he wasn’t at all what she’d expected.
    As he strummed a final chord the crowd broke out into applause. The man’s head rose and he nodded in thanks, and then, meeting Brie’s eyes, offered up a grin.
    “That was brilliant,” Jessica said. “Do you know any other Survival of the Fittest songs?”
    Though Jess was speaking from right beside her, the haze Brie was caught in made her seem much further away. She wanted to offer a compliment or at least a hello, but she couldn’t find the words. So instead, she continued to stare as though mute.
    He chuckled. “I know a few. Which one would you like to hear?”
    Jessica bounced on her toes. “Dark Days is one of my favorites.”
    “You got it.”
    He played the requested song, but this time he sang as well, his American accent doing nothing to help Brie compose her nerves. As his voice rose and his deft fingers moved along the neck of the guitar, she couldn’t stop herself from wondering what his hands would feel like on her body. What was it about men and music?
    “He’s completely fit,” Jessica whispered from beside her.
    They rarely had the same taste in men, but this time Brie couldn’t argue. There was something interesting about the man before them, some sort of depth projected as he sang. She felt pulled to him, suddenly curious as to what he was thinking. It was the same way she wanted to go back in time and talk to the painters who’d created the works of art she studied. The scholar in her needed to know more.
    The song finished up and Jessica clapped at a volume bordering on embarrassing. “That was completely amazing. Thank you. They’re a favorite of mine, well that’s obvi, I guess.”
    “Mine, too.” He turned his gaze on Brie again. “And, what about you? Are you a fan of Survival’s music or is there someone else who would please you more?”
    “What? Oh, um. That was fine.”
    Jessica elbowed her in the side.
    “No, I mean it was better than fine. Here,” Brie dug around in her pocket and pulled out a coin where she then proceeded to toss it into his cup. Coffee splashed over the rim and splattered down the legs of his jeans. He shot to his feet and set his guitar to the side.
    Her stomach dropped at the same time she dropped to her knees and tried to wipe his legs dry with her flowery scarf. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” She continued to pat at his legs until a hand appeared beside her face. She tilted her head back, her cheeks scalding, and stared at his outstretched hand.
    “It’s all good. No harm done.” He reached a little further and she took his hand, unsure if it was simply her embarrassment or something else that sent the jolt through her at his touch.
    “Seriously, I’m such a git.” She backed up a step and didn’t miss the look of amusement Jessica was sending her way. “I should’ve looked first.”
    “It’s no biggie. I was heading out anyway.” He gathered up his guitar and his cup. “Maybe I’ll see you two around.”
    “Sorry again,” she called as she buried her face in her friend’s shoulder.
    Jessica patted her on the back. “It’s okay. I’m sure it happens all the time.”
    Christina Kirby is the author of the Warm Springs Trilogy, The Survival of the Fittest Series, and writes YA under the name Kirby Hall. She holds a degree in Public Relations from Auburn University and is currently a stay at home mom to two sons. An avid reader of romance and obsessed with good TV, Christina likes nothing more than to talk pop culture with other fans. She also believes a copy of Entertainment Weekly and a chocolate chip cookie can cure anything.
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    Color Blind Cover Reveal – Happy Cover Reveal Leigh Lennon

    Title: Color Blind
    Series: Fans of Football #1
    Author: Leigh Lennon
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
     Cover Design: Najla Qamber
    Release Date: June 22, 2018

    A bond. A connection. Our difference in color didn’t matter; we were made
    for each other. A love so strong nothing could come between us—until someone
    did. Faced with an ultimatum, I made the only decision I could but it was never
    about skin color, for me. Saying good-bye to him left me in pieces, never to be
    the same without him.
    Now, many years later, I am face to face with the man no one could ever compare
    to. The feelings I’ve pushed aside for him threaten to boil over. I must fight
    them. I can’t go back. I need to protect my family, myself.
    Here I am, face to face with the one that got away, the one that
    abandoned me, the one no other woman could measure up to. I still need to know
    why she left. Did she leave me for her family money? Was it my skin color? She
    left by choice, leaving me broken. I’ve never been the same without her.
    But now that she’s in front of me, I can’t let her get away again. My
    slightest touch leaves her covered in goose bumps. Liz is using everything she
    has not to give in. I hope she will. I need her to be mine, to once again
    be my Buttercup.

    Author Bio
    Leigh Lennon is
    mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in
    education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She
    lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. Her imaginary
    friends become real on her pages as she creates a world for them. She loves
    pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Leigh can be found drinking
    coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.
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    Yes, Master ………..Mr. Masters by TL Swan is LIVE!!

    3.5 Stars – TL Swan tackles the widowed rich parent and nanny story very well. This book has all the aspects that pull you in, the hot, rich, widower with the sullen, confused teenage daughter and the sweet young boy. The gorgeous young bombshell that is just as loving as she is feisty, in a foreign land trying to find herself. This story is very heavy on exploring the hot dominant side of Mr. Masters but not without the sweet aspect thrown in there for good measure. If you are in the mood to read about a hot, dominant male and a sweetheart that gives just as good as she gets then this is definitely a book you should check out.

    Title: Mr. Masters
    Author: T L Swan
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Release Date: May 27, 2018


    He was powerful, older and my boss, a lethal combination.
    Job satisfaction has taken on a whole new meaning.

    When I lied on my resume, I didn’t expect it to matter.

    I mean any child would love me; I was born to be a nanny.
    I applied for a position working for a woman, or so I thought.
    But Julian Masters is definitely all man…the kind you dream of licking
    chocolate from.

    The first day was bad. The kids were the sporn of the devil
    and I spied through a window and caught him doing something obscene….and
    equally fascinating.

    The second day was worse, he caught me snooping in his bathroom
    cabinet in my skimpy pyjamas and all hell broke loose.
    On the third day, I ran over him in a golf cart.
    And by day four I had decided that I wanted that
    chocolate…all of it.
    Melted….on me.
    But intelligent, widowed Judges don’t fall for ditzy
    Or do they?


    Purchase Links
    99c for a limited time

    AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU

    Free in Kindle Unlimited
    Author Bio
    Lover of her
    husband, children, words, chocolate and margaritas.
    When she is not
    writing her next novel, you will find her in a café drinking coffee with
    Writing is her
    Books by T L Swan
    Stanton Adore
    Stanton Unconditional
    Stanton Completely
    Stanton Bliss
    Find Me Alastar
    Play Along
    Dr. Stanton
    Dr. Stantons The Epilogue
    Marx Girl
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    Fall in Love with the Single Dad…….Alive Again by Emma Tharp is LIVE!!

    3.5 Stars – It is incredibly easy to fall in love with Carsen Sanders. She is the total package and determined to make something of herself. Patrick McLoughlin is a single dad to a newborn, has an estranged wife and is barely getting by. The chemistry Emma Tharp creates between these two characters instantly is great, the most subtle version of “insta-love” at it’s finest. Tharp delivers a delightful story, a complex plot and puts you directly into her character’s lives. If you are looking for a sweet read with the perfect amount of hot on the side to make you believe in second changes, Alive Again is definitely worth checking out.

    Title: Alive Again
    Series: McLoughlin Brothers #3
    Author: Emma Tharp
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Release Date: May 23, 2018

    He thought
    his life was over.
    After ten
    years of being happily married to his high school sweetheart, Patrick
    McLoughlin thought he had it all. A beautiful wife, a career he loved, and a
    gorgeous new baby girl. All of his dreams were finally coming true.
    Until the
    day Maggie, his wife, walked out and never so much as left a note. Six months
    of radio silence.
    needs a nanny, someone to care for his daughter while he builds his empire. In
    walks Carsen Sanders – tall, sweet with a model’s body, and eleven years
    younger than him. She steps in and takes care of his daughter just like a
    second mom.
    He can’t
    help but have feelings for Carsen even though he knows it’s wrong in every way.
    What happens when Patrick and Carsen can no longer deny their mutual
    attraction? Or will Maggie return to take back what’s hers?
    This book
    is intended for a mature audience. 18+
    This book
    is Book Three in the McLoughlin Brothers Series but can be read as a

    Purchase Links
    AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU

    Free in Kindle Unlimited

    Also Available
    FREE for a limited time!
    AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU
    Free in Kindle Unlimited
    99c for a limited time
    AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU
    Free in Kindle Unlimited
    Author Bio
    Emma Tharp
    is the author of The Bluff Harbor Series, The McLoughlin Brothers Series,
    Drawn to Dark, and Keeping It Casual
    . She was raised in upstate New York.
    Being an only child, she spent a great deal of time alone, dreaming up
    characters who would keep her company on long family road trips. Putting her
    writing on the back burner, she went to college and became a chiropractor.
    After spending twelve years healing patients, Emma decided—with the help of her
    amazingly supportive husband—to use the creative side of her brain and let her
    characters come to the page.

    If she’s
    not writing, Emma can be found at the gym, one of her kids sporting events,
    Starbucks, or a live music event.

    A perfect
    day for Emma would be spent at her lake house with her husband, two
    ginger-haired children, and Vizsla, reading a book and drinking a large cup of
    coffee (or wine) with music playing in the background.

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