A final read-through of your manuscript just to double check for any small errors that the editor may have missed. During proofreading, I keep the main focus on any grammatical and punctuation errors. If I feel there are any plot or character development issues, I will make note of that and contact the client with the suggestion of considering further editing.

A complete three-pass edit including:

*Character development and growth

*Plot consistency

*Spelling, grammar, tense usage, and punctuation

*Proper sentence structure

Developmental Editing takes an extensive look into all aspects of the manuscript. During this phase of editing, we can analyze the manuscript and make suggestions on developing the story correctly.  Strengthening the plot, character development, and structure.

**This feature of editing is best for Authors who have a manuscript but understand there are elements of the story that are missing. Price and turn-around time depends on the state of the manuscript and will be quoted after a sample chapter has been received.**