I’m an author.

I’m an editor.

I’m an assistant.

I’m obsessed with words- their meaning, their purpose, and context in each sentence.

I’m in love with how words are intricately woven into stories that evoke a multitude of emotions. The fictional journeys we escape on, the characters we fall head over heels with, and those we love to hate.

I respect the blood, sweat, tears- the dedication- that it takes for an author to pour their heart and imagination into the stories they write.

I have a passion for writing.

I have a passion for editing-unmasking the pages -your stories- one word at a time.

Masque of the Red Pen Publishing is dedicated to assisting authors in their publishing endeavors.

Editing, formatting, design, promotional and personal assistance.

I offer the full publishing packages at affordable rates. All themes of creativity and genres are welcome.

Let’s unmask your pages together.


Silla Webb, Editor

Silla Webb-Owner/Editor

Silla Webb is a bestselling romantic suspense author who twisted her love for storytelling into a full-time career as owner/editor with the birth of Masque of the Red Pen Publishing. Over 200 books have been published under the editing services of Silla’s red pen, to which her natural Southern sass is truly reflected with her brutal honesty, compassionate personality, and dedication for each project of which she assists.

Misty Pack-Director of Author Services

Southern, independent mess with a passion for reading all the words. “Mamma” to the thirteen-year-old female who mirrors myself in almost every way. I am a coach’s wife and basketball mom. Most days you’ll find me in a gym cheering on my favorite girl or boys from the basketball family both past and current. I love cupcakes with buttercream icing, TV binge watching, messy buns, leggings, long sweatshirts, watching basketball and long gossip sessions with my Soul Sista.