I was in the middle of my first book release and what can only be described as a nightmare when I stumbled upon Masque of the Red Pen Publishing. I had paid, in advance, the first editor who came highly recommended and proceeded to be ripped off. After my second failed attempt to have my manuscript edited, a friend recommended Masque to me.

I had my doubts and certainly was filled with fear, but Silla took me in, believed in me, listened to my vision and jumped in… two weeks before release!! A release I had rescheduled three times, and she refused the notion of me doing it again. She rolled up her sleeves and made my dream come true. I’m working on my SEVENTH novel with her as my editor and I’m beyond thrilled we’ve continued to work together.

So much so, I’ve added her formatting and her Personal Assistant services to our working relationship. Yes, relationship. Silla not only gives top quality editing, formatting and PA services, but she treats you as family; building a relationship with her clients is as important to her as the work she does for them.

Masque of the Red Pen offers top of the line services and marketing, guiding authors, new or old, through the industry with a wealth of knowledge and hard work. She does so, with care and your interest first and foremost because she believes and shows, the CLIENT is first at Masque of the Red Pen Publishing.

Back in 2016, I had just finished my first book and the next step on my checklist was finding an editor.

I was extremely new to the book world and a new friend recommended Masque of the Red Pen Publishing to me, and it was one of the best decisions I‘ve ever made.

I‘ve always had organizational issues with writing, and it was one of the main aspects Silla has helped me overcome. I‘ve grown a lot as a writer from working with Silla in novel structure and keeping me going when I’m blocked. It‘s like she has a wire into my brain if I‘m struggling with any sort of sentence or chapter.

Her formatting skills are beyond amazing, and all of my books are just too pretty that I stare at them as much as possible. She‘s also become an amazing friend, and she‘s stuck with me forever.

Silla is a vital part of my team in several different ways. From editing to formatting, she is efficient, precise and always willing to go the extra mile. She’s a great asset to my writing career. While I’m selfish and don’t want to share her, she is talented and I highly recommend her for your editing, proofreading and formatting needs.

I’ve been working with Silla for a couple of years now and have not been disappointed. I’m horrible at grammar and sometimes mix past with present and she is kind enough not to make me feel stupid about it but works to fix my issues and catch things I was too wrapped up in my manuscript to notice. I’m so glad to have found her when my older editor disappeared suddenly. As long as I’m writing she will be editing.